Rockwool blanket

Mã SP :       Tỷ Trọng: 60k,80k,100k,120k

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Characteristics of rockwool cotton rolls:

rockwool rolls with mesh
The thermal insulation ability of mineral wool is very good with an extremely low thermal conductivity coefficient.
  • The soundproofing ability of mineral wool reaches the desired standard depending on the different densities, which will help reduce the noise of the roof and walls.
  • The fire resistance of mineral wool is very high with a working temperature of up to 850oC.
  • Long lasting use because mineral wool is a material made from Basalt stone so it is very durable, does not corrode, and is not deformed.
  • Mineral cotton is not toxic to human health, environmentally friendly, contains no CFCs, HCFCs, and does not contain asbestos.
Rockwool rolled insulation has many different types and specifications, which have different advantages and applications depending on the specific project.
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