Insulation Rockwool

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Mô tả :       Rockwool Mineral, also known as Wool stone or cotton mineral fiber insulation, soundproof, fireproof. Minh Quan cotton insulation company distributes rockwool mineral cotton cheap in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and nationwide

What is fire-resistant Rockwool insulation?

sheet rockwool
Fireproof Rockwool, also known as Rockwool or heat-insulating, sound-insulating, and fire-resistant mineral wool. Rockwool is produced and recycled from Basalt rock and slag ore to create a material with good heat and sound insulation properties and especially outstanding fire resistance, melting temperature up to 1177oC.

Rockwool sheet material features.

  • Good thermal insulation: low thermal conductivity, K<0.045 m.oK/W
  • Good soundproofing ability: Fiber structure with high density helps reduce noise, reduce sound amplification of roofs, walls and ceilings.
  • Non-flammable: This is Rockwool's outstanding advantage in fire resistance with working temperatures up to 650oC.
  • Compared to glass wool, rockwool has many advantages as well as higher heat and sound insulation properties.

Advantages of Rockwool mineral fiber in sheet form

a. Rockwool insulation has very high heat and sound insulation, low thermal conductivity.
All types of Rockwool are made from stone, inheriting the natural advantages of being durable and stable over time. meaning it never needs to be replaced. Rockwool's unique physical structure maintains its shape and suppleness.
b. Fireproof Rockwool Does not catch fire, has good fire resistance, heat resistance up to 850°C.
c. In addition, it is made of stone wool fibers, containing air holes, enhancing sound insulation very well.
Not only does Rockwool provide insulation, but it also provides effective sound insulation, reducing noise from traffic or internal noise between floors and rooms, allowing you to design appropriate acoustic environments. Suitable for every space, whether it's a classroom, a concert hall or the rooms in a new home.
d. The use of rockwool insulation ensures a positive energy balance, furthermore it helps protect buildings from the effects of nature, by reducing the amount of energy a building consumes for heating. warm or cool.
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