What are perlite ceramic ?

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Mô tả :       Perlite is not a brand name but a generic term for a natural siliceous rocks . Perlite Ore perlite ceramic volcano formed in the proper temperature is reached . It swells up to 20 times more than 4 of its original volume

What are ceramic perlite :


        Perlite is not a aly to 1600 degrees F (871 degrees C), crude natural stone hatch like popcorn, combined with water vapor to create many small air holes, creating the physical properties of the rocks due to other special pearl ceramic perlite ore. Construction has built reports and certification.

        Feature recognition: white (Raw unusual rocks have gray or black), colored ceramic perlite ore perlite have white or gray white snow.


đá trân châu ceramic perlitr ore


Application of perlite Perlite ..


          In the construction industry, there are many uses for perlite. Applications can be divided into three main categories: the application for the building and the art applications and industrial applications ..

đá trân châu ceramic

Construction applications


          Due to the features of perlite as insulation and light weight, it is widely used as a liquid in the building. In building ceramic perlite insulation liquid is poured into the cavity of the concrete blocks, filling the gaps and crevices. In addition to providing thermal insulation, perlite to increase fire resistance, reduce noise transmission through walls and against rot, insects. Ceramic perlite perlite against moths also ideal for low temperature insulated and refrigerated ships. When perlite is used as a synthetic material in concrete, lightweight, fireproof, insulated concrete, floor ideal for roofs and other applications. Perlite can also be used as an aggregate in cement and gypsum fireproof external government for beams and columns. Other construction applications include under-floor insulation, chimney linings, paint texturing, gypsum boards, ceiling tiles and roof insulation panels slices.


      Ceramic perlite have advantages and different applications depending on the specific project.


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