Jealous of superlon cold insulation panels

Mã SP :       Độ dày: 10mm,13mm,19mm,25mm

Giá :           Liên hệ

Mô tả :       Superlon Malaysia insulation is an insulation product in tubes, shaped sheets, standard flat sheets and rolls, all of which are free of CFC, HCFC and O.D.P.

1. Malaysian superlon insulation gene cold insulation
superlon insulation
Superlon Malaysia Insulation Gen is a tube, shaped sheet, standard flat sheet and roll insulation product that are all free of CFCs, HCFCs and O.D.P. Made from highly elastic plastic used for heat insulation and has many advantages such as:
  • Durable and stable use, low thermal conductivity.
  • Durable against moisture and steam due to its sealed surface and tightly interconnected small cell structure.
  • Durable to ozone/UV rays and weather.
  • High elasticity, easy to apply and clean.
2.Superlon Malaysia thermal insulation product application
Superlon Malaysia insulation gene is the ideal insulation product to prevent moisture buildup on cold water pipes or air conditioner transmission pipes and prevent ice formation:
  • Reduces heat loss from hot pipes or both types and solar heating systems.
  • Superlon Malaysia thermal insulation product absorbs noise and forms an outer layer of protection against atmospheric corrosion and industrial pollution.
  • Insulation for hot water piping systems.
  • Insulation for cold water pipes and freezing systems.
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