Rockwool Pipe

Mã SP :       Tỷ trọng 120 kg/m3

Giá :           Liên hệ

Mô tả :      

Tubular rockwool is a special type of insulation product, pre-cast in a mold, pre-shaped into a tube shape, very convenient for insulating steam pipeline systems and industrial pipelines. chemical industry, food processing, pressure equipment, textile factories.
Rockwool insulation pipes are manufactured from non-flammable mineral fibers. Easy installation by separating slots along the available longitudinal axis. Particularly suitable for both hot and cold pipes to conserve energy, prevent condensation and reduce noise emissions.
rockwool in tubular form

Advantages of rockwool in tubular form.

  • Non-flammable, very good heat and sound insulation, light weight, low cost, quick installation.
  • Used in air conditioning systems, insulating hot and cold pipes to conserve energy, insulating against heat, and absorbing sound for electrical piping systems.
  • Projects such as: Station Centers, Schools, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Companies, textile factories.
  • Type of Rockwool insulation pipe is available for pipes with diameter from 21mm to 219mm, thickness from 25mm to 50mm, density 120kg/m3.
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