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Mô tả :       Although glass wool and rock wool market has existed for a long time, but remains vague about the differences and similarities in the field , the application and the source between the two kinds of material

       Minh Quan insulation company specializes in providing consulting and product fireproof insulating high- insulating material we are made of mineral fiber and glass fiber ( rock wool ) .


      Although vitreous glass wool and Rockwool mineral wool market has existed for a long time , but remains vague about the differences and similarities in the field , the application and the source between the two kinds of material.


      Depending on technical conditions and norms , as well as the needs of users or the requirements of the contractor to choose between materials mineral wool or glass wool, Rockwool during construction . The matter is warm, comfortable , sound insulation and fire safety is always put on top , so the selection of thermal materials in the construction phase of the design is extremely important .


      We will give unbiased advice about the characteristics , properties , and construction using glass wool mineral glass wool and Rockwool cotton t how to choose from.


   First introduced on the material :

The mineral wool rockwool and glasswool vitreous are derived from mineral production :

  + Rock wool ( rockwool ) is formed from volcanic basalt contains , dolomite and diabase .

  + Glass wool is formed from sand and glass slag .

The production process is similar : the raw materials are melted at high temperatures to form " lava " , then using centrifugal force to form fibers, molded and packaged into rockwool mineral wool and glass wool glasswool



bông thủy tinh glasswool





Different characteristics :


len khoáng sản đá

Bông thuỷ tinh khoáng sản

  •   Sợi cấu tạo ngắn
  •   Tỉ trọng lớn hơn
  •   Chịu được áp lực cao
  •   Khả năng hấp thụ âm thanh lớn
  •   Vật liệu không cháy
  •   Nhiệt độ làm việc tối đa 750 ° C
  •   Nhiệt độ nóng chảy cao, trên 1.000°C
  •   Độ đàn hồi thấp
  •   Độ bền kéo thấp
  •   Dễ hư hại trong quá trình thi công
  •   Sợi cấu tạo dài
  •   Tỉ trọng thấp hơn
  •   Chịu áp lực thấp
  •   Khả năng hấp thụ âm thanh kém
  •   Vật liệu không cháy
  •   Nhiệt độ làm việc tối đa 230 ° C
  •   Nhiệt độ nóng chảy thấp , khoảng 700°C
  •   Độ đàn hồi cao
  •   Độ bền kéo cao
  •   Khả năng chống hư hại khi thi công cao


Cấu tạo bông khoáng rockwool

cấu tạo bông sợi khoáng rockwool


Cấu tạo bông thủy tinh glasswool




General features :


    . Insulation

   . Soundproof

   . Good fire protection capabilities

   . For added durability , insulation works

   . Water resistant and moisture ( room ' breathe ' )

   . Resistance to microbes and chemicals


When to choose rockwool mineral fiber ( rock wool ) ?


1. Fire protection high requirements


Due to the efficient structure and has a high melting point ( 1,000 ° C ) , Rockwool mineral fiber is an ideal choice as a refractory - Functions of the refractory is to protect construction collapsed building in case of fire , as well as allow the safe evacuation of people from buildings (such as inside and outside the walls , steel construction ... ) . Rock mineral wool does not allow the fire developed , it prevents the spread of fire and toxic gas emissions (the cause of 89 % of all deaths )





2. high working temperatures



Rockwool mineral fiber with very high working temperatures ( up to 750 ° C ) , ideal for work environments at high temperatures ( in the industry, insulation for pipes and boilers )


bong rockwool chong chay



3. lightweight construction


Summer thermal insulation ( insulated walls, ceilings , walls of the house ) . Rockwool mineral fiber material is durable , heat-resistant , long-term warranty . Proportional to the density of the material - the higher the percentage , the better the heat docach .

4. To take the pressure well

This feature is very noticeable at places great pressure ( floors and flat roof ) . Due to the structure and high density rockwool mineral fiber would be better with the operation of the floor and the roof , with no insulation reduce heat and sound insulation .


Cotton Rockwool has many different types and parameters , which have advantages and different applications depending on the specific project .         


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