Cotton production processes glass glasswool

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Mô tả :       Glasswool glass wool is produced from natural raw materials such as sand natural origin , glasswool Minh Quan products today include up to 80 % recycled glass , ensuring the perfect choice to meet the concerns environment.

Been doing glasswool vitreous from natural sand and recycled glass ( broken ) along with added support to distribution . The molten material out được temperature 1100 ° C in the electric furnace , and then flow through the borehole in high-speed rotating disk , to form fibers . Add all other products and additives created cần to the nature and gravity and different thicknesses . Next vitreous surfaces ( fiberglass ) được polymerized , heated rollers and through compression , where the compression được vitreous on the thickness and density needed. Vitreous products glasswool was completed under the được packing high compaand poured into the furnace through an automatic transfer station .
1. Melting : Melting of glasswool vitreous mixture at a temperature of 1400 ° C in the electric furnace .
2. Create fiber : mixture flows into the glass fiberizing machine . The main part of the machine 's axes TEL fiberizing centrifugal spin around a vertical axis . Glass is the centrifugal force pushes through 1mm holes to spray the adhesive automatically .

3. Forming : The adhesive coated products are then taken to a curing oven to 250 ° C. The temperature of the adhesive becomes vitreous yellow and density along with the required thickness .

4. Cut : At the exit of the furnace maintenance , high pressure water jets divided vitreous strip length and width of commerce ( plate - roll ) . Glasswool vitreous portion of excess recycled in the manufacturing process on .

5. Packing : Finish the plate - Events - vitreous tubes are compressed glasswool fell a tenth of the volume to reduce the cost of transportation and storage.

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