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What is sound insulation, sound reduction index and sound absorption; and how can we improve them ?
Sound is a vibration that typically moves or propagates as an audible pressure wave through a transmission medium such as a gas, liquid, or solid. In construction projects, sound is largely transmitted through walls and floors by vibrating the structure, resulting in new sound waves on the other side of the building elements.
The ability to reduce sound pressure levels for a specific sound source and receptor is called soundproofing , also known as soundproofing . And soundproofing ability is often determined by sound reduction index .
Sound reduction indices are used to measure the level of sound insulation provided by structural components, like mineral wool products, doors, walls, windows, ventilation systems and more again. It is defined as a series of international standards (ISO 16283, ISO 10140 and similar standards) or regional and/or national variations of these standards.
Standardized methods exist for measuring the sound insulation produced by various structures in both laboratory and field environments (actual functional buildings and construction sites). A number of metrics, often expressed in decibels (dB), are defined according to the different benefits each offers in different situations. There are several basic approaches to sound reduction:
  • Increase the distance between source and receiver
  • use noise barriers to reflect or absorb the energy of sound waves
  • Use damping structures such as sound baffles
  • Use an active noise canceling sound generator
Sound absorption:
Sound absorption refers to the process by which a material, structure or object receives sound energy when it encounters sound waves - as opposed to reflecting the energy. Part of the absorbed energy is converted into heat and part is transmitted through the body to absorb. The energy converted into heat is said to be 'lost'. When sound from a speaker hits the walls of a room, some of the sound's energy is reflected, some is transmitted, and some is absorbed into the walls.
Studios, cinemas, libraries and similar buildings should have superior sound absorption systems, which can be accomplished with mineral wool products, various acoustic foams, acoustic panels and the like.
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