Superlon Cold insulation in panels

Mã SP :       Tỷ trọng: 40kg/m3 - 70kg/m3

Giá :           Liên hệ

Mô tả :       Superlon cold insulation soundproofing rubber sheet is made from lightweight flexible vulcanized rubber, with a molecular structure made up of a large number of small fibers that crisscross each other, creating tiny cells that resemble The honeycomb shape is close and interconnected, so the elastic properties are very high.

1. Introduction to SUPERLON Cold Insulation Sheets:
 SUPERLON Cold Insulation Sheets are an advanced product in the field of insulation and cold insulation, especially popular in Ho Chi Minh City. Manufactured by a reputable brand, SUPERLON, this product is designed to provide optimal insulation performance and ideal protection for cold applications such as air conditioning systems, cold storage, and various other applications.
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2. Applications of SUPERLON Cold Insulation Sheets:
 SUPERLON Cold Insulation Sheets have many useful applications:
Insulation for refrigeration systems: This product is used to insulate refrigeration pipes, ensuring that the temperature is maintained stable and energy-efficient.
Cold insulation in cold storage: SUPERLON Cold Insulation helps maintain a stable temperature in cold storage, protecting products and food from temperature fluctuations that can cause spoilage.
Construction applications: This product can also be used in construction for soundproofing and thermal insulation for walls and ceilings.
3. Technical Specifications of SUPERLON Cold Insulation Sheets:
- Material: SUPERLON sheets are made from high-quality synthetic rubber, offering good insulation and elasticity.
- Standard Sizes: There are various sizes and thicknesses available to suit your specific needs.
- Color: Typically available in black or gray, providing compatibility with various design styles.

  • Type: Plain Sheets
  • Thickness: 3 – 6 – 10 – 13 – 16 – 19 – 25...50mm
  • Temperature: Min -50°C to Max +105°C (Operating temperature: 85°C)
  • Roll Size: 1.22m x 9.14m
  • Color: Black
4. Advantages of SUPERLON Cold Insulation Sheets:
Premium Insulation Performance: SUPERLON provides excellent insulation capabilities, helping save energy and reducing cooling costs.
Easy Installation: Sheet format is easy to cut and install, minimizing the time and effort required for installation.
Durable and Good Preservation: SUPERLON is resistant to wear, water, and the effects of weather, ensuring product longevity and preservation.
4.1 Disadvantages:
- Higher cost compared to some other insulation products: However, this investment is often offset by energy savings and high insulation performance.
5. Storage Instructions:
To preserve SUPERLON Cold Insulation Sheets for the long term, it's advisable to avoid direct sunlight (UV exposure) and store them in a dry place.
SUPERLON Cold Insulation Sheets in sheet form are the top choice for insulation and cold insulation applications in Ho Chi Minh City. With good insulation performance, versatile applications, and preservation capabilities, this product is worth considering for your projects. Whether you are a business owner, construction contractor, or individual consumer, SUPERLON Cold Insulation Sheets will meet your needs excellently.
If you are interested in purchasing SUPERLON Cold Insulation Sheets in HCM City, please contact reputable suppliers for detailed information and pricing.
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