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Mô tả :       Soundproofing foam is perhaps the most important aspect of any studio. It can make or break a professional studio or project.

No matter how much is spent on recording and monitoring equipment, if the room itself is not optimally acoustically treated, the results will never be as good as expected.
Often, the room in which a client plans to record or perform is not specifically built with acoustics in mind. If so, then acoustic treatment is more important.
Until recently, soundproofing foam was not taken seriously. This leads to the belief that sound processing is unnecessary and a waste of time and money. In fact, it's the opposite. Spending your entire budget on equipment and not using audio will seriously compromise the sound of your room.
If no sound processing equipment is installed in the studio, reverberation can be so persistent that practice sessions can be a chore and not a joy. Recording will be difficult to control and mixing will be difficult to master.
When recording or trying to monitor a recording where you want to remove the mix, it needs to be controlled. What you really want and need to hear is the source, whether you're recording or monitoring. What you don't want is for the room to tell you what to hear and what to record.
Imagine the room as a large musical instrument. If the instrument isn't tuned correctly, you'll just hear an out-of-tune room. Not a room that works in harmony with the recording or sound.
A room that is not acoustically treated will be very reflective. If there are no surfaces in the room where sound waves are absorbed, the recording results will be uncontrollable. By installing acoustic foam, the 'liveliness' of the room can be controlled and the room's response can be improved. Using audio processing is the only way you can know whether what you're recording, editing, mixing, or monitoring is accurate.
Also, don't be too affected by the room you're in. Acoustic Processing gives you precise recording and monitoring capabilities. Whether you want the room to live or die, acoustic treatment is the only way to tame the monster in your room and control it.
An added benefit of installing acoustic treatment is that the environment you are working in is much improved. You will find yourself in a place where it is easier to work and you will find yourself much more comfortable. This will improve your productivity, creativity, and you'll enjoy being in your room more.
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