Application of glass fabric HT800

Mã SP :       ht800

Giá :           Liên hệ

Mô tả :       HT800 glass fabrics are used as welding blanket and insulation lining to protect machinery, goods, equipment, materials sensitive, effective HT800 fabric for heavy welding sparks. The processing of light and heat in the model of woven satin fabric create thicker, heavier and stronger.

Application of glass fabric HT800 :

1. HT800 fiberglass fabric is used as fire proof blanket, fitted to the large shopping malls, supermarket and entertainment establishments as repair welding and cutting.
2. Glass Fabrics HT800 can directly reduce sparks spreading, protection devices, inflammable materials, such as commodities, supplies, machinery protection around the wall surface from being scorched ...
3. Glass fiber fabrics with compact structure and resistance to high temperatures, are widely used in the repair and shipbuilding industry petrochemical industry.
4. Fiberglass HT800 tolerance maximum temperature up to 550 degrees Celsius and can be sustained at a higher flame temperature
5. HT800 is handled light and heat through 8HS satin weave pattern, creating the ideal fabric density thermal conductivity from the point of contact with the heat source, resulting in thicker fabric, heavier and stronger.
6. With a880 gsm weight, very soft fabric shell HT800 and flexible, easy to cover up the uneven surface.
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