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Minh Quan Insulation Co., Ltd. welcomes all customers interested in our company's products.

We are the Importer and distributor of sound insulation, heat insulation and fireproof products imported from China, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea...

The Board of Directors of the Company would like to thank the trust, support and cooperation of the Enterprises in using our products effectively and contributing to the overall success of the development. of sound insulation materials industry - sound insulation.


  1. Glasswool Insulation  - Glasswool  (Shenzhen , Huamei, Ecofox, Asia Pacific - Microfiber).
  2. Mineral Cotton  Rockwool - Rockwool Boad - Rockwool Blanket - Rockwool Pipe (Shenzhen , Sed, Roxul,Tombo).
  3. Ceramic Fiber /Blanket / Boad / Bulk  (Luyang Wool - Isowol/Insoline).
  4. Flexible duct ( Sata Asia  -Asia Pacific (Sangta) - Interlock).
  5. Vulcanized rubber ( Jealous ) cold insulation   ( Superlon - Aeroflex - Thermobreak).
  6. Flame retardant canvas (Glass fabric - HT800 fabric - Ceramic fabric - Asbestos fabric).

With our top motto “Confidence of every project "QUALITY - PRESTIGE - PRICE"

If you have any questions, please contact the Sales Department of our Minh Quan Insulation Company for instructions and complete information about insulation products.

Wishing you health, happiness and success!

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