Chinese 25mm thick glass wool absorbs sound in the air duct
25mm thick glass wool from China is used as sound-absorbing material in the duct system to reduce noise and improve air quality.
Sound absorption in ducts is an important part of ventilation and air conditioning systems in civil and industrial buildings. Reducing unwanted noise and sounds in the duct system not only brings comfort to the user but also minimizes noise nuisance to the surrounding environment.
Acoustic glass wool in air ducts is a popular solution for reducing noise in this system. With good sound insulation and high heat resistance, 25mm thick glass wool from China is a popular choice chosen by many contractors and experts.

Specifications of Chinese 25mm thick glass wool

  • Thickness: 25mm
  • SQM: 18m2
  • Width: 1200mm
  • Lenght: 15000mm
  • Density: 32 kg/m3
  • Origin: China
Air duct sound-absorbing glass wool products from China are often produced with high quality and affordable prices. The 25mm thick feature of this product helps increase sound insulation and absorption, while also helping to improve temperature performance in the duct system.
In addition, using glass wool for sound absorption in air ducts also brings environmental benefits, because this product is often made from recycled materials and is not harmful to human health.
In summary: using 25mm thick duct acoustic glass wool from China not only helps improve air and noise quality in ventilation systems, but also plays an important role in protecting the environment and health Product brands