What is cotton insulation

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What is cotton insulation?

Cotton Insulation is an English insulation cotton type with thermal conductivity less than or equal to 0.156 w / m.oC is often used to reduce heat transfer, heat loss in buildings, gas pipes. / hot water, ... In addition, Minh Quan insulating cotton is also used in industrial equipment, smelting furnaces, mineral refining, .. or any application related to high temperatures.
1. Insulation cotton made from rock wool (rockwool cotton):
Rockwool also known as Rockwool or heat-insulating, sound-insulating, fire-resistant mineral wool. Rockwool is produced and recycled from Basalt rock and slag ore to create a material with good heat and sound insulation properties and especially outstanding fire resistance, melting temperature up to 1177oC.
2. Insulating glass wool (glasswool cotton):
Glass wool insulation panels are produced from mainly sand, limestone and some other materials, recycled glass is added and then the mixture is melted. It is the most popular material in the sound insulation industry used in residential buildings in Vietnam and around the world.
3. Ceramic fiber insulation (cermic cotton):
Ceramic wool is a product made of ceramic fiber, in roll form, with the ability to insulate and withstand high temperatures from 1260 degrees and 1430 degrees Celsius, especially used for furnaces, ceramic furnaces, steel furnaces, ceramic tile oven, bread oven, fireproof door,...

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