The difference between Thailand and Malaysia fireproof cotton

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Mô tả :       Today, Minh Quan company will point out some special differences between Thai and Malaysian fireproof cotton so that customers can easily distinguish and choose products.

1. What is Thai fireproof cotton? What is Malaysian fireproof cotton?
Thai fireproof cotton is produced with advanced technology, Glass fibers and mineral fibers are soft and have maximum length to help reduce dust and increase the durability of fireproof cotton during the production process.

With other names such as: Thai ROXUL mineral wool and Thai Microfiber fireproof cotton

There are 2 main types of Thai fireproof cotton:
rockwool thailand
rockwool Thailand

As for fireproof cotton in Malaysia, there are two main brands: POLY GLASS FIBRE and ECOWOOL MALAYSIA

Fireproof cotton made in MaLay is an effective soundproofing and heat-insulating material with non-flammable, non-heat-transmitting properties, preventing the spread of fire, and great elasticity. Has been certified to standards through tests on sound insulation, heat insulation, and fire prevention.
Thailand glass cotton
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