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Mô tả :       Neolon insulation panels products of Minh Quan insulation materials company are environmentally friendly products and are not harmful to humans (Often used in pharmaceutical warehouse projects, hospital refrigeration systems...) .

How does Neolon insulation panels help the project?
Neolon foam insulation and insulation is an energy-saving solution for construction projects, helping to save electricity costs and reduce carbon emissions. With good insulation and insulation properties, neolon foam panels can help keep interior spaces warm in winter and cool in summer.
neolon insulation
In addition, neolon foam panels are also lightweight, easy to cut and install, helping to save time and costs during the construction process. This material also has fireproof and moisture-proof properties, helping to protect the structure from the risk of fire, explosion and damage due to moisture.
In short, neolon foam insulation and insulation is an energy saving and environmental protection solution for construction projects. With good insulation and insulation properties, high durability and ease of use, neolon foam panels are the ideal choice for today's construction projects.
Subjects using neolon panels
  • Neolon panels are multi-purpose insulation and insulation products, widely used in construction projects and other applications, including:
  • Insulation and insulation for houses, hotels, shopping centers, factories, etc.
  • Create partitions and ceilings to reduce noise and insulate the room.
  • Make an insulated bed to sleep more comfortably.
  • Used in medical equipment to keep warm and reduce noise.
  • Heat and insulation in the manufacturing industry, minimizing the impact of temperature and sound on the production process.
  • Used in the shipbuilding industry to reduce noise and insulate ships.
  • Use in steamers, ovens and other baking equipment to reduce energy consumption and increase production efficiency.
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