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Mô tả :       Cold-insulated superlon rubber tubing is the ideal thermal insulation product to prevent the accumulation of steam on chilled water pipes or conveying pipes of air-conditioners and against freezing formation, reducing heat loss from hot pipes for both types and solar heating.

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Superlon insulation materials are researched and manufactured to the highest standards, the special closed cell structure is a central configuration that creates effective insulation by providing a barrier between the pipe surface and the ambient air conditions.
The product has the following outstanding features:
  • Low thermal conductivity [-10oC: 0.033 W/m.K, O oC: 0.034 W/m.K] and high moisture resistance properties.
Superlon insulation is manufactured with a high percentage of closed cells, forming an effective waterproof and vapor barrier.
  • The product's operating temperature range is wide.
With the product's operating temperature range from -50oC to +105oC, it is suitable for Gas pipes, PVC condensate pipes, PPR hot water pipes, Wind pipes, Chiller piping systems.
  • Highly effective fire protection according to BS 476 Part 7 standards, Fire resistance performance according to BS 476 Part 6 standards.
Superlon insulation products are certified to Class 1, Class O and FM Approved standards, and the product has a high oxygen index.
  • Installation and use are quick and easy.
Superlon insulation products are very durable and highly elastic, allowing installers to make and cut to specific shapes and formats with many different sizes, diameters, and thicknesses. Very quick in construction and product installation.
  • Virtually no irritant properties.
Unlike other types of insulation materials, Superlon products do not have the properties of emitting dust or mineral fibers, and the product does not affect health or problems related to health and the living environment.
  • Friendly products with the environment.
The Ozone Degradation Potential level is 0 (ODP), low volatile organic compound (VOC) properties.
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