Fireproof, heat-resistant, insulating, waterproof glass cloth

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Mô tả :       Fireproof, heat-resistant, insulating, and waterproof glass fabric is a product made from ultra-thin, soft, small-diameter glass fibers that have been surface treated.

What is glass cloth? Why is glass cloth fire resistant?
 Fabric fiber glass  (or  glass cloth)  is a product made from ultra-thin, soft, microfiber, surface-treated, acrylic fiber binder with fiber-linked acrylic binder to strengthen the adhesive layer. waterproofing during construction to increase the durability and service life of the waterproofing membrane.
Fireproof, heat-resistant, insulating, waterproof glass cloth
 Due to the fiberglass in the fabric (an inorganic material), it is non-flammable and resistant to high temperatures. The glass cloth can be used at a constant temperature of 260°C and has good solvent and chemical resistance. The tensile strength of glass cloth is excellent (almost 6 times that of 0.025 mm PET). Glass cloth tape can be used for many applications:   insulating, wrapping the inner and outer layers of electrical coils.
Main application of glass cloth:
  • Glass cloth used for welding protection, insulation, gasket,heat shield and containment, furnace door seal, emergency fire blanket,  Machinery, Personnel protection and many more.
  • High temperature coupling
  • Making fire blankets to protect machines from welding sparks, flaring
  • Noise reduction in industry: Generators, central air conditioning systems, pipeline systems, shipyards, oil refineries, power and chemical plants, ..
In addition, now we also develop 2 more product lines, sound-absorbing glass fabric and HT800 glass cloth to meet the increasing requirements of customers.
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