Glass fiber cloth

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Mô tả :       Glass fabric products belong to the line of flame retardant materials with high aesthetics

1. What is glass fabric?
Glass fabric is a structural material created from glass fibers. It is produced by weaving or weaving fiberglass fibers together, forming layers and webs of fibers that bond together to form a fabric sheet or roll. Glass fabric has heat-resistant and anti-corrosion properties and is commonly used in many industrial and civil applications.
Fireproof glass fabric
Glass fabric is the best fireproof product on the market today. With its non-flammable and non-flammable properties, this product is the ideal choice for applications requiring high safety. Besides, glass fabric is also waterproof, resistant to UV rays and resistant to chemicals.
2. Properties and applications of glass fabric:
  • Heat resistance: Glass fabric has good heat resistance and remains stable at high temperatures, making it a popular choice in applications that require heat-resistant properties such as in the aerospace and automobile industries. Bowl.
  • Corrosion resistance: Glass fabric is corrosion resistant, chemical resistant, and unaffected by corrosive environments, increasing longevity and durability for applications in harsh environments.
  • Hard and resistant: Glass fabric has good mechanical properties, good strength and retains stiffness in many industrial and construction applications.
  • Light weight: Compared to metal, glass fabric is lighter in weight, helping to reduce overall weight and save energy in aerospace and transportation applications.
  • Heat and electrical insulation: Glass fabric has thermal and electrical insulation properties, helping to retain heat and electricity for respective applications.
  • Application: Glass fabric is widely used in fields such as aviation, automobile, construction, marine, electronics, and sports. It is used for structural reinforcement, the production of mechanical parts, various types of corrosion protection, and many other applications.
3. Advantages and disadvantages of glass cloth:
  • Glass cloth no shelf life
  • Environmental friendliness
  • It is a good insulator and has high heat resistance
  • Easy to transport & store and simple to install
  • The only disadvantage of glass cloth is that it causes skin irritation for new users.
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